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June 25, 2001


Emotional Intelligence scores over IQ in managerial skills

Claus Moller

Times of India
Feb 15, 2000
By Hema Gobindram- Lobo
Over a 100 corporate managers took a day off last weekend, their cell phones switched off, to attend a seminar at the Taj on “Emotional Intelligence” by Claus Moller, designated as one of the eigtht ‘quality gurus’ by the British Department of Trade and Industry.
In the Seminar Moller said that all these decades, companies have emphasized the importance of being technically and financially efficient, while trying to employ highly skilled, qualified and high flying managers with a high IQ. But, the time has come to realize the need to employ and retain emotionally competent people because problems arising out of the world of emotions are difficult to solve, but are critical to the welfare of the company, and could play a key role in deciding the success or failure of an organization or an individual.
The good news, Moller said, was that while IQ changes little after our teen years, IE continues to develop as we go through life and learn from our experiences.
It seems like a lot of hard work, to improve one’s personal or organizational efficiency, but it is simply a matter of ‘heart work’ Moller told the managers, in his typical gentle, but unmistakable firm tone, accompanied by a splendid sense of humor and a vivid graphic presentation. “This graph shows a lot of executives hanging up their cloaks outside in the cloak room, as well as their ‘hearts’ before entering their office, so we know that they have gone to work without a heart,” explained Moller. “And now when they return home after the day’s work, they pick up their cloaks, but not their ‘hearts’, so they go home ‘heartless’, possibly to sit board in front of the television and fall asleep, he added.
Speaking to Bombay Times, Moller stated that Indians were very emotional people. They did have a sense of humour, but expressed themselves differently, depending on whether they were at work, at home, in an official or casual environment. “There is a special workshop on how to be your own self,” said Moller, while “observing that several managers believed that ‘distancing’ themselves from their employees would get them best results, an exercise which may actually result in distancing from one’s own self.
When queried, One of the participants, Firdaus Jussawala, Commercial Manager, Air India, stated that “this exceptional seminar on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is much needed to restore the balance and correct our lop-sided attitudes where emotional behavioral changes need to take precedence over brainy requirements, which we already have.”
Based in Denmark, Claus Moller’s Time Manager International, founded and chaired by him, trains over 200,000 people every year. Top organizations ranging from Japan Airlines to the European Union Commission, the Scandinavian Airlines System and the British Airways have implemented the concepts and ideas of Moller.

Moller’s formula for success
Reaching one’s goals requires the right combination of rational and emotional skills. Successfully intelligent people know their strengths and weaknesses. They capitalize on their strengths, overcome or compensate for their weaknesses and realize that no one is perfect.

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